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Happiness comes from giving the Joy of Life Surrogacy

Together, We are a Team with Surrogate Mother California Agencies

Welcome to Joy of Life, one of the most prominent surrogacy agencies California south. Our staff at surrogate California is always full of energy and hospitality. Many of us were previous a group of surrogate mother California who have helped families make their dreams come true; some were intended parents whose lives have been altered by their surrogate California; some surrogate mother California were clinical coordinators with years of hands-on experience from working with hundreds of intended parents and surrogate mother California. We have seen it all from every angle, and we know the process inside out. That is why we can deeply resonate with you, because together we are a team.

Why Surrogate Mother California Choose "Joy of Life"?

The most amazing act anyone can do is to create life for others that desire to have a family of their own and at Joy of Life, surrogate mother California we do that with a team of healthy surrogate mother from California.

Why Joy of Life Surrogate Agency California?

We understand the concerns that new parents may have, so we will walk you through this entire journey and guide you along the way.
We, Joy of Life, one of the most reliable surrogacy agencies California are always there to listen and ready to help, so you can focus on creating the best memories.
As the name implies, happiness comes from giving the Joy of Life, inspiring others and creating memories that last a lifetime. We believe in life, and you can believe in us.
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Professional Service

At Joy of Life, you will receive the warmest welcome and the most professional service from our experienced coordinators.

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Perks & Care

We provide many perks to encourage surrogate mothers and show our care and appreciation.

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Joy of Life Community

We also host regular events to create strong bonds within the Joy of Life community.


Working with Joy was an amazing experience. I have used another surrogacy agency and did not get near the support or commitment I got with her. She was readily available day and night. I knew if I ever needed her, she would be there. She would do research for me, make sure I had everything needed and be my liaison between my IPs and I the whole time. Even after my delivery, she came to see me and called me every day! Joy brought the whole experience to a new level for me. I won't see anyone else!

Savanah King

Becoming a surrogate mother was truly a life-changing experience for me. Not only has my heart been fulfilled by the opportunity to bring such a blessing to great intended parents but also having such a great experience working with Joy of Life coordinators and staff. As a surrogate, I was able to attend many fun events and feel fully supported from other surrogates in addition to the wonderful case managers. I will definitely work with them again!

Nicole Garcia

Working with Joy was a wonderful experience for my first time as a surrogate. I couldn't ask for a better coordinator. She always made sure I was taken care of and comfortable. She made my family feel welcomed as well she made it easy for me to ask her any questions I had even if they seemed weird. I look forward to working with her again. I can say that I have made a friend in her.

Veronica Santiago