Pregnancy Fitness: Your Best Moves Before Baby Arrives

By April 26, 2018
Pregnancy Fitness

Pregnancy Fitness – It’s important to keep moving: Pregnant women who exercise have less back pain, more energy, a better body image and post-delivery, a faster return to their pre-pregnancy

Pregnancy Fitness

Pregnancy Fitness 01 – SWIMMING

Swimming and water aerobics may just be the perfect pregnancy workout. Why? In the water you weigh a tenth of what you do on land, so you’ll feel lighter and more limber. A dip in the pool may also help relieve nausea, sciatic pain and puffy ankles — and because baby’s floating along with you, it’s gentle on your loosening joints and ligaments.

Pregnancy Fitness 02 – YOGAPregnancy Fitness

 Yoga strengthens core muscles, eases back pain, and helps you relax. And research shows that it may make labor shorter and more comfortable. Try a prenatal class, which is gentler and focuses on relaxation — good prep for labor. Avoid “hot yoga,” and after your first trimester, don’t lie on your back. If something doesn’t feel right, check with a fitness expert.

 Pregnancy Fitness 03 – Pregnancy FitnessINDOOR CYCLING

Take a load off your legs! Cycling on a stationary bike is generally safe even if you’re just starting an exercise program. Cycling is a good way to boost your heart rate without stressing your joints. As your belly grows, you can raise the handlebars for greater comfort.

Pregnancy Fitness 04 – LIGHT STRENGTHPregnancy Fitness

Light strength training can help you stay toned before and after delivery. If you were lifting weights before you got pregnant, chances are you can keep going as long as you go easy. Avoid heavy weights or routines where you have to lie flat on your back. If you weren’t strength training before you got pregnant, find another exercise for now.

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