Joy Hopes Her Company, Joy of Life, Will Help More People Enjoy Becoming Parents

By September 25, 2018

Joy established her surrogacy company, Joy of Life, in Southern California in 2017. Providing professional and reliable services, Joy of Life is dedicated to letting intended parents enjoy the whole process of expecting a new life and to helping surrogate mothers match with the right family and have a memorable journey. In its first year of growth, Joy of Life has become well known both in Southern California and in China.

When talking about the reasons for starting her business, Joy said, “As I have been engaging in the field of in-vitro fertility and assisted reproduction for many years, I’ve met hundreds of families struggling with fertility. Many of these complications could have been prevented if they could have reached an advisor and guide. Also, I’ve seen a lot of situations where new surrogates lack the information they need and don’t get immediate support. I hoped that I could start an agency that could help both the intended parents and the surrogates, and walk them along their journey with full transparency and without any uncertainty.”

Joy said her entrepreneurial process was not as difficult as expected because she had three great things going for her: connections, personality, and a bit of luck. First, Joy got to know many experts in the legal and medical fields over the years and worked very well with them in her previous position at a well-known fertility clinic. These experts recognized Joy’s talents and were willing to offer her help in building Joy of Life. In addition, Joy’s positive personality always allows her to face difficulties calmly and actively find solutions to any issues that arise. Lastly, Joy said she was lucky to meet everyone who works for Joy of Life. These employees are very client-oriented and hardworking, and this has now become the culture at Joy of Life. The company has abundant surrogate resources, and, by word of mouth, more and more people are getting to know Joy of Life and are willing to coordinate with Joy, helping the company grow and expand very quickly.

When it comes to the future, Joy said she will not change her original intention. Now she’s building a team of caring and loving people who have the same goal as she does: to give that much-wanted child to a loving world.